Friday session speakers

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Mr. Sjors Beerendonk, newly elected President of EFPRA
“Opening Speech


Niels Leth Nielsen, past President of EFPRA


Mr. Christian Morron, Executive Secretary of ANAGRASA“
A view on the animal fats an animal by – products industry in Spain


Mr. Francesco Salvi, Senior Associate at Pavia e Ansaldo“
The new EU’s Renewable Energies Legislation


Prof. Frans Kampers, Senior Strategy Officer of Wageningen University & Research“
Food Transitions 2030, how to achieve the transitions to sustainable, affordable, trustworthy and high-quality food system in the next decade or two that will fulfil the needs of a diverse and growing world population


Dirk Dobbelaere, Secretary General of EFPRA“
Statistical overview of the Animal Fats and Animal By – Products processing Industry in 2017